Sunday, April 27, 2008

45th Annual Lakeside Rodeo

Want a sure way to become paralyzed? Well I have got just the ticket. Sign up for next years Annual Lakeside Rodeo, or any rodeo for that matter. Ryan and I were lucky enough to spend last night in Lakeside (a piece of Oklahoma dropped in the middle of the Eastern part San Diego), at the 45th Annual Lakeside Rodeo. It was fun to watch the different events throughout the nigh; the barrel racing, the hog tie, the steer wrestling, etc. You've got to be pretty brave and stupid to attempt most of the rodeo events, but the one that leaves me in awe is the bull ride. You get more whiplash from the 8 seconds (if you're good) that you are on the bull than you would from a head on collision. And then once those 8 seconds are up, you have to run for your life away from the animal of death in hopes of not getting trampled or having any major organ pierced with their spear-like horns. Boy does that sound like fun! And on top of that, I hope you are not planning on producing any offspring because once you jump on the back of one of those wild breasts you can kiss your baby making days good-bye. Wow and all of that in a days work. I did however notice a larger than usual handicap section at the rodeo... ex-rodeo stars perhaps? Best of luck to you cowboys out there. Our hats are off to you!

Walk Like the Animals, Talk Like the Animals

As Ryan and I are not big pet people; however, we do love going to the zoo. They are our perfect pets. We get to see them only when we want, we don't have to feed them or walk them, and most importantly we don't have to clean up after them (I have seen an elephant doing his business and it is not a pretty sight). After many visits we have grown quite fond of our furry friends.

One of our favorites being the baby panda. You can see his fluffy butt wedged up in the tree between me and Ryan.

Our animal friends are starting to rub off on us. We are even developing animal like attributes. See if you can figure out which one is the real hyena.

Lovely Lavender

Ryan came across a beautiful sight while running along the coast between Torrey Pines and Del Mar a few weeks ago. It was so gorgeous that Ryan had to bring me back to share in the beauty. Here is a picture of us in the sea of lavender.

Aren't our Lord's creations just breath taking? (I know you are confused as to what I am referring to here, but it is the scenery, not Ryan and I)