Wednesday, May 30, 2012

East Coasters

Well we did it. We moved. We are officially East Coasters. We left our paradise in San Diego for the hustle and bustle in our nation's capital- Washington D.C. Our lives have been busy the past two months. Here is what we've been up to.

Back in March our wonderful Ryan graduated with his PhD in Psychology from UCSD. Woop woop! We are SO proud of him. And not only did he get his PhD but he got a job to go with it. Yea! This working mom could not be more excited. It is Ryan's turn to bring home the bacon.

      Ryan ready to defend his dissertation. I think I was more nervous than he was.

Ryan's proud parents

Hooray! Ryan passed! We get to eat cake!

Our Dr. Ryan

Good job Ryan! We are so incredibly proud of you. You worked hard and you did it! Congratulations!

Well, after Ryan defended his dissertation (literally the next day) we left for Michigan for my cousin Erin's beautiful wedding. We spent time with family and had a blast. Thank you K.C. and Erin... oh and Heidi and Michael too ;-)

The bridesmaids showing some leg. We lucked out by having custom made Allison Parris dresses made for us by the one and only Allison Parris- my awesome cousin. Check her out...

Finally we made it to our Nation's beautiful capital...and just in time for all the beautiful spring blossoms. We were sad to leave San Diego, but it sure it green and beautiful here. We spent the week before Ryan started work exploring our new home.

Visiting the sites...

Enjoying the beautiful flowers...

Filling our brains at the Smithsonian...

Cheering on the Nationals (Kate had more fun than it looks)

Unfortunately they don't pay Daddy to play. He had to start work. Here is a picture of Kate and Ryan as he leaves for his first day of work at The Gallup Organization. We were all really excited. It was like your first day of elementary school all over again.

Ryan is really enjoying his job. He works with really nice, upbeat people, just like him. The stresses of school wore on him this past year. It is nice to have our old happy Ryan back. And life as a stay at home mom is great! I love being with Kate everyday. She is quite a joy. She is hilarious and still has a lot of spunky energy. She is becoming quite the independent little girl. We spend our day playing chase, taking care of her babies, reading books, coloring, dancing in the kitchen, and whatever else that crazy creative mind comes up with. Our lives are great!

Okay well that just takes us to the beginning of April, but when I get a moment I will blog the rest. Stay tuned....