Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pool Hall Darbys

Patrick posted this on google video. Now part of me is really embarrassed about going public with this, but the other part can't get over Matthew's old hag voice "Liar, Liar...." No body does old hag like Matthew does old hag.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!

Ryan and I went to Knott's Berry Farm last weekend with my brother Josh and his girlfriend Marisa. Lots of fun, but the highlight was defnintely when we got to take pictures with my favorite Christmas characters. "Hark the harold angels sing..."

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Disney's Big Secret

I know we've all wondered. It's on our minds every time the Genie sings "Prince Ali" or the Little Mermaid let's us know that pearls aren't the only great thing coming out of a clamshell. How does Disney do it? Where do they come up with such great ideas? Hopefully, Disney's army of corporate lawyers won't take issue with me for revealing this, but Sarah and I have stumbled on to the answer. And thanks to modern technology we caught the it on tape. So, behold, the idea for Dumbo.

Queen Isabella

Our first attempt at carving pumpkins was fun and messy, but unfortunately our creations only lasted a few days before liquifying on our front porch. Apparently jack-o-lanterns have a very short life span when sitting unprotected in the rain. Who knew. But luckily, my wonderful friend Maren came across a great find and treated me with a Mrs. Potato Head pumpkin set. Ryan and I took family pictures in front of Maren's house with Queen Isabella (whom Ryan loving named). I guess Ryan and I do have good genes after all.

I Wanna Be Popular

Well,we've finally decided to join the cool kids and start a blog. I seems like everyone we know, save my parents (because my mom is still figuring out how to change the volume on the tv), are blogging away on the internet and leaving us in the dust. And since we are tired of being left behind, we are going to jump on the band wagon and blog with the best of them. So now you lucky individuals can check in on the thrilling adventures of Sarah and Ryan Darby. Oh so exciting! Happy blogging!