Saturday, November 3, 2007

Disney's Big Secret

I know we've all wondered. It's on our minds every time the Genie sings "Prince Ali" or the Little Mermaid let's us know that pearls aren't the only great thing coming out of a clamshell. How does Disney do it? Where do they come up with such great ideas? Hopefully, Disney's army of corporate lawyers won't take issue with me for revealing this, but Sarah and I have stumbled on to the answer. And thanks to modern technology we caught the it on tape. So, behold, the idea for Dumbo.



Patrick said...
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Patrick said...

uh...I don't get it. What other great things come out of clam shells? Could you please write another blog explaining in great detail what you are talking about?

Pitcherpost said...

Yeah - thanks for sharing your blog with us! I'll feature it on my blog as soon as I figure out how to. I had links on there, but somehow messed my blog up when I was trying to make it cuter.

Anyways, keep posting! You guys are a cute couple, almost as cute as those two elephants!

pamela said...

What cute babies! Just like siblings everywhere: wrestling!