Monday, May 9, 2011

April Visitors

Okay, so I am trying to post at least monthly (thanks to some strong encouragement from my mother-in-law). It is going to be rough but I will do my best. I have no idea how you ladies find time to blog so frequently. You must lock your kids in the closet while you blog or something. Anyways, here is my attempt at giving you a quick update for April.

At the beginning of April my brother had spring break, so he and his adorable girlfriend Summer came down to visit. We had a great time going to Sea World, the Padres game, and just hanging out as a family.

Also in April there was a big national holiday, hope you got the day off 'cause we did. Kate turned 2!! We had a fun pool party for Kate and her friends. It was not the warmest of days to have a pool party but Kate didn't care. We could not get her out of the pool despite her purple and shivering body. Turns out she is hypercolor like her mother.

Happy belated Easter everyone. We had fun helping Kate learn all that Easter had to offer. Dying your fingers, receiving fun presents from the Easter Bunny and eating more candy in one day than she has in the first 2 years of her life. We had fun hunting for eggs (indoors- it was a little wet on Easter).
Here is our beautiful little girl and "Baby" with their matching Easter dresses.

To finish off our month of visitors, my wonderful sister and her girls came down for a week. Kate had so much fun playing with her cousins and I enjoyed every moment of having my sister around. I miss her tons!

We had a busy and fun filled April. We are enjoying our great California weather and looking forward to more fun in the sun this summer.

I promise there will still be a China post coming.