Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mama Times Three

Last weekend my sister gave birth to another bundle of perfection. Naomi Lynn Leinenbach was greeted by two extremely excited big sisters who have been aggressively loving her all week. We are so excited that little Naomi is finally here. I cannot wait to meet her and see her sweet face in person. I am so happy that Kate can have a best friend cousin (and one more on the way when my sister-in-law delivers in November).

The Happy Leinenbach Family
Ashley and Ella could not be more excited!
And the only signs of Jaymie having birthed this child is the fact that she is in a hospital gown and sitting in a labor and delivery bed. Only Jaymie could look this good after giving birth.
Congratulations Jaymie and Derek! We love you Naomi!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Little Miss Rosebud

Our little girl is 4 months now! Wow, I cannot believe it. I went back to work last week and I hold these little babies and cannot believe my Kate was that tiny. It is amazing how fast they change. Well, I guess Kate isn't changing as fast as some though. Last week she had her 4 month check up and she weighed in at a whopping 10lbs 13oz. The following day I delivered a baby that weighed 10lbs 13oz. Granted that was one large newborn, but I still thought it was pretty funny that my 4 month old weighed the same as a newborn. Here are some recent pictures of our little rosebud.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Maui Wowie!

We are having a great time in Maui! My oh so generous grandparents have treated us to a fun filled, two week vacation in Maui. We have done a lot of snorkeling and swimming and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Yesterday Ryan and the rest of the family went on a day long snorkeling trip to Molokini Island and a few other snorkeling hotspots. (Fun underwater pictures to come) But since they dont make fins in Kate's size, my mom, Grandma, Aunt Amy, Cousin Lisa, and I took Kate to the Maui Ocean Center. Kate absolutely loved watching the sharks and sting rays and little fishies swim around. We may have a future marine biologist on our hands.

Here are some more shots of our many Maui adventures!

Kate getting her first feel of ocean water out in front of our condo

Ryan ready for a dip in the ocean

Me and my cousin Brianna after pool games with Ryan and my cousin Austin

Good thing Austin is so strong. Ryan enjoyed using him as a diving board.

Kate giggling with Aunt Deb

Peering down the blow hole

Watch Out!!

What a handsome boy!

My brother Chris and I getting sprayed by the blow hole

Family photo moment (minus Kate)

Me and my mama a little wind blown

#1 Before

#2 Here comes the wave

#3 Soaked

Ryan and I before heading down stairs for some snorkeling
(we saw 3 sea turtles while we were out- so fun!)

Kate and Poppo in downtown Lahaina

They look happy now, but this was before eating it
many times on the large, steep crashing waves

Kate and Mammo enjoing the sun

Wiped out after a fun day in the sun

Blowing the conch shells at sunset

Kate with cousins Bre and Lisa

My cute parents even got to celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary while in Maui.
What a treat. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!!!!

Tomorrow we leave Lahaina and head over to Hana, on the west side of the island, to spend the remainder of the trip. We are so lucky to have such awesome Grandparents.
More pictures to come of Maui Vacation: Week 2