Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mama Times Three

Last weekend my sister gave birth to another bundle of perfection. Naomi Lynn Leinenbach was greeted by two extremely excited big sisters who have been aggressively loving her all week. We are so excited that little Naomi is finally here. I cannot wait to meet her and see her sweet face in person. I am so happy that Kate can have a best friend cousin (and one more on the way when my sister-in-law delivers in November).

The Happy Leinenbach Family
Ashley and Ella could not be more excited!
And the only signs of Jaymie having birthed this child is the fact that she is in a hospital gown and sitting in a labor and delivery bed. Only Jaymie could look this good after giving birth.
Congratulations Jaymie and Derek! We love you Naomi!!!

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rawhide said...

i have been wondering about jaymie's next baby...and a 3rd girl. please tell her congrats from me and i can't wait to see more pictures on her blog.