Monday, March 31, 2008

The Darby's Love the Coast

You might think that we have a personal photographer follow us everywhere we go, but shockingly no. Ryan bought me the greatest contraption for Christmas (really it was a present for himself, but he put my name on it). It is a little mini camera tripod (see the bottom picture). It has bendy legs so you can attach it to anything; trees, rocks, street signs. Ryan even got it to grasp onto an air condition vent on the side of a wall. It is one of our favorite inventions. So if you are tired of the arm stretch shot, and are narcissistic and like taking pictures of yourself like we do, this is a must have.

What Cute Kids

We are related to some of the cutest kids around and we have proof! These pictures of our nieces and nephew attest that we are going to have cute kids (well that is if the Lillenberg and Darby genes dont collide and morph into some hideous monster).

Friday, March 28, 2008

My in-laws hate me

Just when I thought I was winning them over too. Last weekend Sarah and I went up to her parents house to spend a lovely Easter...or so I thought. We got there Saturday night and spent a nice evening talking, it wasn't until Sarah and I went to bed that I found out their true feelings for me. I woke up in the middle of the night with a million "bug bites." They itched like crazy!!! It got so bad that I had to go in to the urgent care. The doctor there said that I have contact dermatitis. The only way I could have gotten it is coming in contact with some poisen ivy on Saturday. Since I spent the whole day in a suit UNTIL I went to bed, the only way it could have gotten on my legs is if someone planted poisen ivy in my bed. I'm not going to point fingers, but Mark is going to get it.

Here's a couple pictures of what he did to me for your viewing pleasure. The first is tuesday in urgent care and the bottom picture is today after almost a week.

Oh, one more thing. Don't throw away your wife's wedding ring. Not only does she not like it, but you have to go dumpster diving to get it back.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Our First Rescinded Blog

On behalf of the Darby Family, I have been informed that we are really sorry about the last blog that was posted on our website. I have been informed that it is not funny and there is no way that I am going to be allowed to wear the same shirt for eternity. We would like to deny any fore-knowledge of this post and do not officially know how it came to be posted on our sight. Please accept our deepest apologies and fervent denials.

Something Stable in an Unstable World

John Antonio Mikaelovich once said "Today ain't the same as yesterday." I'm hearing ya John. I'm hearing you. We are all changing and the world is in constant motion. Just yesterday I heard that my brother Matthew turned 19. Nineteen, can you believe it? I even heard he washes his own clothes now! My little bro is all grown up. My heart echos the immortal words of Ralph Waldo Christoferson "Where did all the leaves around my pond go?" Where did all the leaves go? That's why, Sarah and I have decided to do something about it. In a world of constant change, constant motion, we've committed to bringing you something stable, something immovable. I'm not going to change my clothes. The shirt and sweatshirt I present you today are the same shirt and sweatshirt that, according the the photo log that Sarah has presented you on this blog, I have been wearing consistently for the past 2 years and we're not going to change it! From here on out, I'm green or maroon. And that is something you can depend on.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Golden Spoon

There just aren't words to truly express our love for Golden Spoon. It has become a family staple. With only 65 calorie per serving and an ever changing variety of delicious flavors, you could never go wrong with Golden Spoon. Not to mention double stamp Wednesdays. Oh yes my friends... if you buy this delicious treat on Wednesdays you can get two stamps on your punch card, helping you reach your free frozen indulgence even sooner. The joy that this frozen yogurt chain has brought to our lives is endless. So do yourselves a favor and bring a spoonful of this mouth-watering delight into your lives.

What Has My Life Become?

Today Ryan and I enjoyed a beautiful day at Seaworld. Just before going home we went on one of their "Roaring Rapids" type rides and got completely soaked. With a waterfall pouring down on you it is just not humanly possible to stay dry. Ryan's shirt was literally dripping, so he took his shirt off when we got to the car. I have always thought that the people who drive without a shirt, 1- look naked and 2- just look ridiculous.

On our way home we had to drop off the move we rented last night. As I got out of the car to run the movie in, I mistakenly look back and saw a shirtless, bearded man, who is apparently my husband, leaning back in his seat behind the wheel of a 1995 baby blue Toyota Camry with a black hood and heard the crackling roar of a broken muffler. I quickly turned and ran, as to avoid being labeled with such a sight, and gasp inside at the realization that I belong to "that" and thought to myself, "I've become white trash!"

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I Have a Green Thumb!!!

Today was a beautiful sunny day and I thought that our apartment could use a little taste of spring. After pasing the garden department at Lowes for THREE HOURS, I finally found the right flowers to plant. Ryan is very glad he wasn't with me.

Before and After

My head is much lighter now, after cutting 13 inches off. I thought that others could benefit from my hair more than I could. If you want to donate your hair just go to

We Love Dland

Ryan and I had a wonderful time at Disneyland and California Adventure with Josh, Maren and Bryan. It is amazing the transformation that I make from adult to 8 yr. old girl in a matter of seconds upon arriving at Disneyland. It is a magical place.

White Trash America

Here we are at the annual Monster Truck Rally at Qualcom Stadium in San Diego. This was year #2 for us. We tailgated before hand to make the experience complete. The best part of the night however isn't the trucks, but watching the people who attend. It makes for a humorous night.

Gotta Love La Jolla

Just another beautiful sunset at La Jolla Cove

I Dont Want to Grow Up

At FAO Schwartsz in Las Vegas. Yes we did get a lot of looks, but boy did we have fun!

Our Taste of Venice