Saturday, March 8, 2008

What Has My Life Become?

Today Ryan and I enjoyed a beautiful day at Seaworld. Just before going home we went on one of their "Roaring Rapids" type rides and got completely soaked. With a waterfall pouring down on you it is just not humanly possible to stay dry. Ryan's shirt was literally dripping, so he took his shirt off when we got to the car. I have always thought that the people who drive without a shirt, 1- look naked and 2- just look ridiculous.

On our way home we had to drop off the move we rented last night. As I got out of the car to run the movie in, I mistakenly look back and saw a shirtless, bearded man, who is apparently my husband, leaning back in his seat behind the wheel of a 1995 baby blue Toyota Camry with a black hood and heard the crackling roar of a broken muffler. I quickly turned and ran, as to avoid being labeled with such a sight, and gasp inside at the realization that I belong to "that" and thought to myself, "I've become white trash!"

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