Monday, August 4, 2008

I Do Not Have Alaskan Skin

While we were in Alaska, Ryan's brother Grant took us to Homer, Alaska (a tiny little fishing town in the southern part of Alaska) and took us out on his boat. We camped the night and then the next morning got ready to go out on the boat. I am not sure of the exact recorded temperature that day, but mind you it was really cold. Well Grant, Sharon (Grant's girlfriend), and Ryan each had a long sleeved shirt on and were perfectly comfortable. I, on the other hand, with my California blood, was rather chilly in my t-shirt, three thermal tops, sweatshirt, down jacket, leggings, jeans, wool socks, beanie, and gloves. Even one of the old fishermen in the coffee shop made mention that I must not be from around here.


Patrick said...

Girl, you work that burka! You make cold look HOT!

kentandnellie said...

hello darbys. nice blog. im really impressed with all of the cool features. i didnt know you guys were such huge radiohead fans. we were at the concert on wednesday down there in san diego. i wish i knew you were fans so we could have gone together.

the 84RKR said...

hey guys! nice picture... but i wish it had ryan in there by your side in his skimpy tee!

what's the real feel up in alaska for vp palin?
i want the insiders view!