Wednesday, September 28, 2011

China...6 months late

What an amazing trip! We went from Bejing to Xian to Guilin and finally to Shanghai (with lots of small towns in between). I could write a novel about our trip, but I won't because it would never get posted. So here are some of our favorites... The Great Wall, the beautiful gardens, the majestic scenery, the Terracotta Soldiers, the delicious food (however we didn't not want anything to do with Chinese food for several months after we got back), the unique culture, and last but not least the people. We met some wonderful friends on the trip, who really made our trip memorable. We had many wonderful adventures that we will never forget.

The Great Wall

Beautiful China

The Dragon Spine Terraces (my favorite)

Terracotta Soldiers
Real Terracotta soldiers above (fake ones below)

Ancient China

Dumplings Anyone?

These dumplings were shaped like what was inside. This one was duck. Super cute.

We love China
Ryan making friends

We saw an acrobatic show in Shanghai. Amazing!

Shopping in Shanghai (I am the world's worst barterer)

Our morning calisthenics with the locals


If any of you are interested in visiting China check out ChinaSpree, great company.
It was our favorite vacation by far. You gotta go to China.


Pam said...

Favorite? What about the time you were almost eaten by bears? We really had to bribe that bear to make your trip more exciting.

Great photos! Thank you for posting them. Love you

Jared and Cherie said...

Oh wow Sarah!!! Those pictures were amazing. That looked like an amazing trip. Thank you so much for sharing! You are still just as beautiful as ever by the way. How do you not age at all?!! Miss you and hope you guys are doing well. You've totally inspired me to go to China someday! :)

Pam said...

I'm just popping back in to say "I love your blog"

J U L I E said...

Wow what an awesome looking trip! I would love to go to China. I almost did but then I met Simon and he decided I needed to stay in NYC with him. I'm jealous!

The Jungle Explorer said...

That trip looks awesome. I'm totally going to have to go to China someday.

P.S. Love the 'stach

Melodie Lillenberg said...

You three are so cute! I love reading your blog and seeing the adorable pictures you use to capture the highlights of your life. We will miss you SO MUCH when you move! Love you...