Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Baby Showers

I have been so lucky to have 3 wonderful baby showers. The first shower was with my coworkers, thrown by my friend Connie. It was a lot of fun. Everyone at work has been so sweet to me throughout my pregnancy. I am the only one of 6 pregnant ladies at work who is having a girl, so I get a little special treatment. Who doesn't like to buy cute frilly girl stuff right?

Shower number 2 was given by my mom, my sister Jaymie, and my sister-in-law Marisa. My sweet sister even flew down from Portland just for the day to be there for the shower. Isn't she the best? There were people at the shower who I hadn't seen since my wedding, so it was really nice to catch up. I got so many great things, but my favorite of all was the stroller/car seat combo. I had so much fun pushing it around the house, pretending there was a baby in it. I really felt like a mom.

And the last but definitely not least was last Saturday at my wonderful friend Maren's home. She also threw me my bridal shower. You could not ask for a kinder, better friend than Maren. And this shower was with all the girlfriends. So much fun! We had a blast eating, playing games, and just chatting.

Thank you everyone for your love and kindness. Our little Kate would be naked and Ryan and I would be in the poor house without your generosity. I had no idea babies needed so much stuff.

Sorry I only have pictures of the shower at my mom's. She is a picture taking fiend.

Making sure it fits

I love pretending to be a mom

Our belly bumps (my about to pop belly and Jaymie's tiny 14wk belly)

Love my Marisa

The Lillenberg Girls


pamela said...

What cute baby bumps! You are such a cute mommy!

summer sales wife said...

Sarah! You look so cute and so tiny! How fun that you and your sister are pregnant together!I'm so excited for you! You are going to be a great mommy!

Melanie said...

I'll say it again, you're the tiniest pregnant lady! I love the picture of you pushing around the stroller, you're a natural!

Maren said...

I will send you the one lame photo I took of you. I got out the camera and everything and then I just forgot. Yikes. I definitely won't make a good mother someday!

Jacobson Family said...

Ok I hope I look as good as you do when I have a month left! :)

The Jungle Explorer said...

I think our bellies are the same size. You look great. Three weeks after you have your baby you'll probably be back in your jeans.

Mellanie said...

SARAH!!! I was just thinking about you. How're gonna be a mommy! It's the best thing. They grow sooo fast, I can't believe Avarey is 5 weeks already! We're in good old Murrieta for now! Congrats... and by the way I am super jealous that you are sooo tiny! love ya