Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our Big Girl

Kate had her 8 week check up last week. Ryan and I have been watching her grow, thinking that she was getting so big, but we found out that she is not quite as huge as we thought. Here are her stats.

9 lbs 1 oz (14th percentile)
21 1/2 in long (23rd percentile)

Here is a picture of Kate 9 weeks old.


Bournes said...

She does look like she's grown from the pictures. She's absolutely beautiful!! I kinda miss having the newborn size baby when everyone asks about them and stares. She looks like a very happy and healthy baby!

Patrick said...

Ha! Our kids got you beat. I don't think they've ever made it past the 5th percentile. I think I was a midget in a past life and now the genes have been passed on.

The Jungle Explorer said...

I love this picture. She looks so cute!