Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We love our home

A few weeks ago Ryan and I decided to introduce Kate to beautiful Torrey Pines (just a few minutes north of where we live in La Jolla). This gorgeous hike is on top of the cliffs over looking the vast Pacific Ocean. We absolutely love were we live. We could not be more blessed.

Kate was a great hiker!

Another great thing about were we live is that we have the Padres. We aren't die hard fans or anything, but we do enjoy going to the games. Kate got to go to her first game a few weeks ago and the Padres actually won. It was an exciting night.


Malerie said...

So many firsts for Kate! It's so fun to introduce her to all the things you love :)

Patrick said...

I'm totally making fun of that goat in twenty years...

You should root for the Dodgers. I hear they recently got traded from Brooklynn.