Sunday, September 16, 2012

ABC 123

The day Kate has been anticipating for YEARS(ish) finally came... the first day of school. Ever since Kate has vaguely understood the idea of Daddy going to school, she has wanted in. When Ryan was working on his PhD, Kate would beg me to let her go to school too. She would say "I want to learn too!"

Two weeks ago Kate had her first day of pre-school and she could not be more excited about it. When we dropped her off the first day she went right in and started digging through the toys without a moments hesitation. I had to pull her away and make her give me a hug before we left her. She did not care one lick that we were leaving her. [Tear] When we picked her up after school she asked "Can I go again?!" Kate has a very sweet teacher and is making lots of friends. And the best part is that I get to go to school with Kate once a month to help out, so I get to see Kate in all her preschool glory. Super cute! Here is our little bean on her first day...

They have a "little potty" at school that Kate is obsessed with.

Here is the hug I had to steal her away for. I am very touched by it being the first day of school and Kate is like "Yeah, yeah Mom. See ya later."

A happy kid after her first day of pre-school.

Just so I don't forget this... A few weeks ago Kate and I were sitting on the couch reading books and she looks up to me with loving eyes and says "Mommy, you make me happy." It just melted my heart. I tell her that all the time, but to hear her say it to me, with out being prompted, just made my day. I just love 3 yr old Kate. She is so fun and adorable and hilarious. She cracks us up all the time by the stuff she says. I need to write more of it down because I forget, but she is so funny. I would keep her 3 forever if I could.

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