Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Swimming 101

Kate is really becoming a big kid now and I cannot believe it. She talks like a big kid, she acts like a big kid, and now she is in school (preschool...more on that later) and has big kid extracurricular activities! Kate had her first swim lesson on Saturday. And she loved it! On the way back to the car she asked, "Can we do that again?!" And yes she will be, until she is on a swim team or something because Ryan and I are tired of freaking out every time we are within 100ft of any body of water. Kate fortunately or unfortunately inherited the fearless Darby gene. I will be a much happier mom when I know my baby won't sink like a bowling ball if she gets near the water.

Kate and Ryan both had a ball playing in the water together. I however had the challenging job of taking photos of a constantly moving Kate with out getting any other child's face in my pictures (per pool rules). A little tricky. 

Ready to dive in!

Already a pro. Kick those legs!

Blowing bubbles... a favorite past time in the bath and in the pool

Who had more fun... KATE?

or RYAN?

Two happy faces all cozy and warm. First lesson was a success!!

After a fun morning of swimming we headed into D.C. and went running at the mall. Who doesn't feel more patriotic after seeing the nations presidents carved in stone? I know I do! It is so cool how you can see all the monuments (more or less), the white house, and the capital building from one spot. Especially beautiful at night. I don't know who planned out the Mall, but job well done! We are facing the Lincoln Memorial here, but behind us you can see the Washington Monument and if you really squint you can see the Capital Building just beyond it. Not sure if we will be here forever, but it sure is a cool place to live right now.

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rawhide said...

I love the big picture you guys have at the top of the blog...oh and so cool you´re in dc!